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TEDx Speaker, Debra L. Morrison, Shares The Truths About Money Finally So YOU Can Claim Your Power & Your Wealth

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    Dive into the Special Bonuses!

    Below are direct links to all the bonuses included with the course. Now is the perfect time to get started as you improve your financial well-being knowing the truths about money!

  • Bonus #1

    Pursuing A Better Investment Experience

    This white paper gives you the foundation of how to pursue the best investment experience for YOU. Your life is unique, your desired outcomes and lifestyle is unique, therefore, your investment experience must be unique as well!

Click HerePursuing A Better Investment Experience (PDF)
  • Bonus #2

    Video Training - Feel the Financial Fear & Do It Anyway!

    Debra's TEDx talk traces the root of beliefs about money, the societal conditioning we've all had as well as revealing several truths about money so that you are empowered to make the financial choices that serve YOU and your goals.

  • Bonus #3

    Video Training - Intro to The Truths About Money, Part 1

    You Retire, Your Money Should Not! Your two most valuable assets are time and health. Learn how to maximize those assets so that your money serves as the best possible tool to achieve your goals and objectives.

  • Bonus #4

    Video Training - Intro to The Truths About Money, Part 2

    This training shows you how to cut through the financial confusion. Through no fault of their own, it's fairly common for people to arrive at midlife without and personal or financial road map. This training provides the foundation of how to make the best financial decisions to create your road map in today's complex financial environment. Things are not the same as they once were and knowing the truth of what's happening NOW, will give you the confidence and clarity to make the decisions to have your means and money match your meaning ... the legacy you want to live today and leave for others.

What others are saying about Debra and "The Truths About Money"

“Hi everybody, my name is Christine and I just wanted to tell you all that I enjoyed Debra’s class. She speaks English where you can clearly understand it, even anyone that doesn’t understand ‘financial.’ Where to invest, what to do with your money and not to waste it as a widow, she tells you everything that you need to do. She’s great.”

- Christine

“Hi, Debra’s presentation was very clear, she had good materials, she had a wonderful PowerPoint. I’m a teacher and so I very much appreciate when someone can clearly teach, explain, and give examples that really clarify what her point was, and it made me want to talk with her on a personal basis after the presentation.”

- Kim

“Hi, I’m Melissa. I attended Debra’s class and I found it to be really, really informative and empowering. She didn’t talk ‘money,’ unlike my financial planner that I currently have. So, yeah, I would recommend this to everybody. We all deserve to know the truth about money and Debra does just that! Thanks a lot.”

- Melissa